Emollient Samples

For healthcare professional only

Top tips

  • Don’t use very hot water to wash hands
  • Pat your hands dry
  • Use an emollient after washing hands
  • Apply an ointment emollient at bedtime

The following companies are offering complimentary small sample sizes of emollients for personal use by healthcare professionals.

Please click on the company name to request samples.

Alliance Pharmaceuticals – Hydromol range
Alliance can also supply Lypsyl. Email here  to order adding full delivery address details to a named individual and your request for a required number of Lypsyl sticks. Please note: they only have a limited stock and would like to ensure they can support as many hospitals as possible during this time. Please only request what you require for your department, to allow them to support as many trusts as possible.

Derma UK Menthoderm® Menthol in Aqueous Cream

Dermal Laboratories – let the company know which samples you would like. Further information on Dermal’s range of emollients can be found  here

QV range of emollients

Thornton and Ross – Cetraben and Zeroderma emollient ranges


Professor Hywel Williams, Nottingham has produced a short video in relation to handwashing and Covid-19. Click here to view.

Information on hand washing