Dermatology Nursing Service Delivery

About the BDNG
The British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) was established in 1989 to offer an independent speciality group of nurses and healthcare professionals with an interest in dermatology. Membership is £20 per year. Click here to join

Role descriptors
The Clinical Dermatology Nursing Role Descriptors gives clarity on the scope of nursing roles on the delivery of dermatology services. It is intended to support recruitment, retention and career development of nurses in the speciality. Click here to view

The Role Descriptors for Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Associations gives guidance on scope of practice’ to acknowledge the critical role of healthcare assistants and highlight the evolving nursing associate role in the nursing workforce. Click here to view

Dermatological Nursing: A practical guide on career pathways
Nurses form a critical part of the dermatology team and are increasingly developing new skills and approaches to care. This book provides a practical guide for developing these more advanced roles. Click here to view

The BDNG produced a series of videos highlighting the variety of roles within dermatology nursing. Click here to view these videos

Developing dermatology nurses from novice to expert
Skin Cancer competencies
Management and care of patients with vulval conditions

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