Role Descriptors

Clinical Dermatology Nursing Role Descriptors

A previous BDNG survey highlighted the lack of consistency of nursing role definition and associated Agenda for Change  banding as well an absence of a structured career pathway for nurses who specialise in dermatology. The BDNG has collaborated with the British Association of Dermatologist (BAD) Education Board Nursing Workstream  to develop role descriptors for dermatology nurses alongside a suggested career development guide.

This work will help address the concerns of members from both organisations, against a backdrop of workforce issues where the need to recruit, train and retain dermatology nurses has become increasingly critical for service sustainability.

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Role descriptors for Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Associates working in dermatology

This guidance has been developed as an extension to the existing ‘Clinical Dermatology Nursing Role Descriptors: Guidance on scope of practice’ to acknowledge the critical role of healthcare assistants and highlight the evolving nursing associate role in the nursing workforce , as well as their scope of practice within dermatology services. The guidance is intended to help support recruitment, retention and career development of healthcare assistants and nursing associates in the specialty highlighting the necessary training requirements for career progression.

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